HORIZON ERP: Simplifying Retail, Distribution & Small Manufacturing

Horizon ERP Review

When we think of ERPs, we usually imagine large corporations with heavy instruments and a large workforce. However, modern ERPs are created in a way that they can help organizations of all sizes. Moreover, today's ERPs are much smarter, more scalable, and come with a range of features to assist businesses of all types and domains. While the first ERPs were created to cater to manufacturing firms, new-age ERPs can handle much more complex processes like distribution, invoicing, inventory, and reporting.

Modern-day resource planning software handles a product from its inception to reaching the customer's hands and streamlines several processes in between. They help businesses oversee and manage the products right from their 'raw material' stage. They assist producers, dealers, and distributors in delivering products to end-customers while keeping track of every unit. However, not all of them are created to assist manufacturers, retailers, and distributors equally.

This review will focus on Horizon ERP, a new-age billing and inventory management software created for small and medium enterprises. Through this review, you will get an idea about the following points:

So let’s get right to it.

Introduction to Horizon ERP

Horizon ERP is a new-age inventory, billing, and distribution management solution crafted for Traders, Small-scale Manufacturers, Retailers, and Distributors. It offers features such as:

Horizon ERP has given equal priority to distributors, retailers, and manufacturers’ unique needs and combined them to create a comprehensive and user-friendly business solution. It offers a unique blend of billing, inventory, and accounting management functionalities for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and is available both as a Desktop Application as well as a Web App.

Horizon ERP can track and maintain thousands of products and invoices simultaneously, ensuring that you miss no details out. With Horizon, businesses only have to pay once and are rewarded with unlimited real-time data access to their business from then on. Horizon has also invested heavily in a stellar customer support system with no monthly or recurring charges. It simplifies customer support with an interactive Email bot, using which you can get assistance, raise tickets for your concerns, and send reminders without having to get on a call with customer service.

Before we dive into more details, here are a few key features of Horizon ERP that are absolutely necessary for modern businesses:

Let us now see how Horizon ERP caters to different sectors, shall we?

1. Streamlining your Distribution

Speed up your Day-to-day Data Entry, Billing and Collection Entry, and Van Loading

Prudently Manage your Market Outstanding, Sales & Retailer Performance

Manage inventory better, track dead stock and customer churn instantly

2. Improving your Retail Business

Here are a few of Horizon’s features created specifically for retail businesses:

3. Empowering Small-Scale Manufacturing

Horizon ERP can help small and mid-scale manufacturers in the following ways:

4. Improving Processes common to Manufacturing, Retail & Distribution Sectors

There are multiple common processes associated with retail, manufacturing, and distribution that can be streamlined with Horizon ERP. We have mentioned the most useful ones below.

USPs of Horizon ERP

1. Filing GST Returns no longer a challenge. You can do it yourself and on time too !!

To simplify your GST filing process, Horizon ERP generates GST reports in the exact format of the offline utility. The GST filing process can be done with a few simple steps without errors.

2. Simple, innovative functionalities to make your life easier

3. You don’t need a dedicated accountant to know what’s going on in your business.

Horizon ERP offers you complete visibility of your business’ progress through the following reports:

4. Technologically-advanced dynamic customer support

Horizon’s customer relationship management system (H-CRM) is a fully-automated CRM that provides you 24*7 after-sales support. It is integrated with Horizon’s organizational email and call-centers to offer you with quick and effective resolutions to your problems, all while keeping you informed. It provides features such as:

5. Lastly, there are plenty of business-critical aspects that Horizon ERP helps you handle with ease, such as:

The Final Verdict

Only a very few ERPs are as thoughtfully created for SMEs as Horizon. It offers small-scale retailers, manufacturers, and distributors the chance to track their inventory and simplify the billing process.

Horizon ERP comes with an easy to use interface that helps you manage costing, stock, and reporting through a single platform. It is made with the .Net framework and works as a software, SaaS web app, and mobile application. Moreover, it is a one-time investment, ensuring you don't have to pay a hefty sum for better inventory management.

The real-time data access, POS module for fast billing, and invoice management functionalities it provides can help different small businesses. Additionally, its efficient transaction, retail, and report management modules make Horizon ERP a handy application for all business types and categories.