Nurturing Innovation

Our Vision

We build Business Intelligence Solutions with a human touch. We believe software solutions must work in harmony with the human mind. It should interact with its users making their work easier and thereby enhance productivity. We give utmost importance to interface design and ergonomics to make our users at home with our systems. An application that a user likes using is one which brings out the best in him. They easily spend more time working on it and add to their productivity. We aim to make our business solution products fluidly integrate with the lives of its users.

Challenges We Have Overcome

In all our years of existence we have had to overcome a series of challenges, from being a new name in the industry with limited funds and infrastructure, to providing mass produced software applications. From a company that deployed one to one solutions to individual clients, to evolving our methodologies to undertake the challenge of deploying a generalized package across the state in hundreds of locations. We had to rethink our product strategies when the world moved on from desktop application to cloud based applications. We are now on the verge of confronting our next challenge as the world moves from PC’s and laptops to portable devices like tablets and phones.