Nurturing Innovation


Consultancy services to analyse current business needs and offer solutions from re-organization to re-structuring of your business.


Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) solutions tailored specifically for the Small & Medium Enterprise(SME) sector - FMCG Distributors, Retail Outlets, Clinics and Hospitals.

Our Clients

Our Vision

We build Business Intelligence Solutions with a human touch. We believe software solutions must work in harmony with the human mind. It should interact with its users making their work easier and thereby enhance productivity. We give utmost importance to interface design and ergonomics to make our users at home with our systems. An application that a user likes using is one which brings out the best in him. They easily spend more time working on it and add to their productivity. We aim to make our business solution products fluidly integrate with the lives of its users.

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Our Team

We are team of young thinkers with a never quenching thirst for innovation. We like to tinker around with cutting edge technologies available today and our passion lies in enthralling our customers with fluid applications which respond to all their whims and fancies. It gives them information at their fingertips while the soothing and interactive interface makes data input a pleasurable experience.

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